How it works

Why should you pay for research?

Perhaps you have suddenly gotten several shows, one after another, and your deadlines are looming. It's easy to pay for research that you don't have time to do. Perhaps you and the director/producer aren't quite sure where the show should go or how it should feel.

Costume-Research how does it work for you?

You contact me with a list of topics to research and the amount of hours you would like me to spend researching. I take the time to research for you before your deadline and send you the files by Dropbox, or email, or thumbdrive, or old fashioned printing.

You provide me with a list of your characters with short blurbs about them and your show. Or you give me topics, time period, and location on which you need information. 

How much does Costume-Research cost?

All visual (image only) research is $25 an hour.You tell me how many hours you would like me to spend researching for you. People usually start around 10 hours.

Costume-Research Deadlines?

You set the deadline for your research. Tell me when you would like your information and images, so you can prep for your show. Everyone works better with a deadline.

Where do I get your Costume-Research?

Your research is more than Pinterest. I still go to the library, I have scanned books from other costume research libraries. I go to museums which have a large collection of photos of textiles as well as paintings, and historical fashion. I have collected old catalogs from the past century for everyday wear research. I also do use the Internet.

What kind of Costume-Research do you want?

Some designers only want images - historical and editorial. Other designers want historical images and bullet points of period details. Some designers want an equal amount of images and information. You let me know what you are looking for. If you are not sure what you want, we can figure out your needs together.

How do you want to receive your Costume-Research?

The easiest way is a folder set up in DropBox for images and an email of bullet point information. But I can deliver your research in another way if you like: strictly by email, thumb drive, or uploaded to a different platform. I can print a research book for you if you would like that instead (printing costs will be an additional charge). We can discuss the quality of paper that you would like, how many images per page, three-hole punched for a binder, or no holes, ready to go up onto a research board.

In addition, I conduct research for scenic designers as well, furniture, props, wallpaper...

There is always more research to be found. If I happen to find another great piece of information not long after your deadline I will send the extra research along without any extra charges.

I usually send some starter research to confirm we're on the same page.

Examples of a few of the catalogs that I have collected over the years.