1920s Tres Parisien Magazine

Wow, it’s like I fell into a wormhole that was directed away from this blog filled work and travel. I worked on a few new musicals. One large musical called EMPIRE based on the building of the Empire State Building. It’s sweet. Research for another musical, ANASTASIA that just recently opened. I spent more time in New York this winter working on a musical called NERDS set in the 1970-1990s that wound up being abandoned by producers. Then I had some post show blues. Luckily, I had a trip to England planed with my family where I did some research at the Fashion Museum, in Bath. But I have fallen out of the habit and I’m trying to get this blog back on track.

1920s Paris had a fashion magazine called Tres Parisien. It's lovely and one of my favorites that I have newly collected into my research archives.

September 1922 cover of Tres Parisien

I love doing research and one of my favorite things is being able to touch the pages of older works. Here’s a video of the velum of the Tres Parisien pages.

Listen to the page. I love it. Uploaded by Leslie Malitz on 2016-06-04.

Here are a few wonderful images from the Tres Parisien publication in the 1920s.

1920 Tres Parisien

1925, 1921, 1926 Tres Parisien

1925, 1929, 1929 Tres Parisien

Tres Parisien continued on into the 1930s before it was discontinued. They also branched out into a publication that was dedicated to hats in the late 1920s. I look forward to blogging regularly again and sharing some of those with you. 

Russian Diving School

I’m working on an enormous research project at the moment. It’s been all about Russia between 1903-1923. I’ve been gathering research from peasants to uniforms to the Czar and his family.

One of the more fun images I found, that does not pertain to the show I’m working on, is this photo of the Russian Navy’s diving school from 1913 in Kronstadt. They are performing exercises in a pool using the latest technology in rebreathing suits. While the suits are a lot of fun, they don’t look like they are atmospheric diving suits (ADS). The rebreathing suits would be able to go too deeply into the water like ADS.

The suits are so great looking that I needed to see some other suit designs.

Russian Navy working diving exercises, 1913

Russian Navy working diving exercises, 1913

Here is a photo of two men wearing a rebreather for escape purposes from a submarine for the Royal Navy in 1908. This suit also cannot be submerged very deep, but they can rescue others if something were to happen. Not a very large viewing area for a search and rescue.

Two men wearing suits for escape purposes 1908.

Two men wearing suits for escape purposes 1908.

Here is a photo of Chester E. Macduffee with his atmospheric diving suit from 1914. It weighed 250 kilos/550 lbs. and could reach a water depth of 65 meter/213 feet in 1915. The suit looks a little more like the robot from Lost In Space. This was the first suit with ball bearings to help with joint movement.

Macduffee with hist suit in 1914

Macduffee with hist suit in 1914